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The Beauty of the Fibonacci Sequence: RAGANA Design's Stunning and Minimalistic Creations

Updated: Feb 7

RAGANA Design is a designer dream come true, that has taken the Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Ratio, and transformed them into stunning, minimalistic designs that are not only appreciated by art lovers, but by anyone who sees them for the first time.

The designs created by RAGANA have a calming and powerful divine vibration that extends to the entire room in which they are displayed, and it is not uncommon for people to feel a positive energy emanating from these creations.

This is because they are a constant reminder of the divine nature that surrounds us, and RAGANA's designs are a direct connection to this.

One of the things that set RAGANA's designs apart is their use of the Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Ratio.

These mathematical concepts are often found in nature and have been used for centuries in art and architecture to create visually pleasing proportions. RAGANA has taken these concepts and applied them to their designs, resulting in a symmetry and composition that is truly stunning.