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Rose Gold Fibonacci Golden Ratio Spiral in Exclusive and Elegant RAGANA Design

Updated: Feb 7

Introducing the Fibonacci Rose Gold Spiral Exclusive Design Wall Art, created by RAGANA Design, a brand known for its unique and innovative Divine Inspired Design Language.

This elegant and contemporary wall art piece is not just mere decor, it is a fusion of art, design, and science. It is a representation of the Fibonacci sequence, also known as the "Spiral of Life" and the golden ratio, intertwined with the luxury and elegance of the rose gold colour.

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The Fibonacci sequence, represented by the Greek letter phi (φ), is a series of numbers found in many natural phenomena such as the spiral of a seashell, the branching of a tree, and even the human face. It is based on the idea that each number in the sequence is the sum of the two preceding numbers, beginning with 0 and 1. The Fibonacci sequence is also closely related to the golden ratio, a proportion found in many natural forms and considered aesthetically pleasing.