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RAGANA Design's Designer and Creator of the Fibonacci Golden Ratio Designs


As a passionate artist, I, Raul Gabriel N. (RAGANA), create meaningful pieces of art by combining Divine Energy and the Fibonacci Golden Ratio.

My aim is to create art that serves as a reminder of the divine presence that surrounds us all and evokes positive divine vibrations.

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My Story

I have always been drawn to self-development and exploring the deeper meaning of our existence through observing the world around me.

My experiences, especially the challenging ones, have taught me valuable lessons which I incorporate into my designs.

Designing is both a passion and a process for me.

I feel like the Divinity surrounding us provides me with the inspiration to create these pieces. It is my way of contributing to humanity by bringing positive, divine vibes into their lives.


Although it may sound strange, this is a persistent feeling within me.

I hope that my creations will bring a ray of light into your day!


Fibonacci Wall Art Designs

RAGANA Design is excited to offer collaboration opportunities to brands seeking to expand their portfolio with our unique and uplifting divine energy exuding Fibonacci designs. 

My goal is to add value to every brand I collaborate with.

Contact me to discuss the possibilities.

RAGANA Design Checkered Fibonacci Golden Ratio Design as a Wall Art
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