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RAGANA Design's Designer and Creator of the Fibonacci Golden Ratio Designs

Dear Ladies 

Welcome to RAGANA Design, where creativity and meaning come together to bring you exceptional women's bags, accessories, apparel, phone cases, and more.


As a young and independent brand, we pride ourselves on delivering unique, intricate, and eye-catching designs that are infused with hidden messages and meanings. Each item's description reveals the story behind its design, allowing you to connect with it on a deeper level.

At RAGANA Design, we are passionate about offering styles and designs that have never been seen before. To ensure the utmost quality and attention to detail, our products are only sent to production when an order is placed.


We take the time to meticulously craft our designs and infuse them with our ideas and positive vibes, so you can truly feel the love and care we put into every aspect of the process.

Our brand represents and stands for empowering women through meaningful designs.

We purposefully incorporate the fleur de lis, symbolizing a woman's purity and grace, along with a checkered black and white design that signifies the balance in life, the yin and yang.


Animals, such as birds, are intentionally included in our designs to represent the strength of liberated women who are no longer bound by limitations and embrace life with freedom.


Each meaning and placement is carefully considered, ensuring that our wonderful ladies wear our accessories with pride and knowledge of their significance.

While we may be small, in fact, it's just me - Raul Gabriel Nagy - running this business, I believe that anything is possible. I aspire to grow and expand, always remaining true to my core values.


One thing I promise to all of my lady customers is that I will continue to create outstanding and unique designs. No dullness, no copycats, no meaninglessness.


You can trust that RAGANA Design will consistently offer meaningful and uplifting designs that inspire and empower.

Thank you for joining me on this journey, and remember that every accessory you choose from RAGANA Design is made with love.

With love, Raul Gabriel Nagy

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